Consolito.jpgConsolación Gil was born in Almería, Spain. She graduated in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Granada in 1991, and obtained her doctoral degree from the University of Granada in 1996. She is a Full Professor (Catedrática de Universidad) at the Computer Science Department of the University of Almería, Spain. She was a Lecturer at the Computer Science Engineering School of the University of Murcia from 1991 until 1997. She runs the research group PARETO (Parallel Advanced Research in Engineering and Telecommunications with Optimization) with researchers from the Universities of Granada and Almería. Her main research interests are Parallel Computing, Evolutionary Algorithms, Multiobjective Optimization of Real-world Problems such us Crop Planning, Timetabling, Water and Electrical Distribution Networks, Bin-Packing, Complex Industrial Processes, Graph Partitioning, Renewable Energies and Embedded Systems and IoT. Her teaching research interests are Active Methodologies, such us Cooperative Learning, PBL, Flipped Classroom, Virtual Reality and Mindfulness in Education.

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